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First of all, you need to get your CVS ExtraCare card. Ask a cashier for an application, or sign up online. If you go to the store, you'll have your card right away. Otherwise you'll have to wait for the card to arrive in the mail.

Before you do any shopping, always go to the kiosk and scan your card. Coupons will print out for you to use that day or anytime before the expiration date.

Make sure your cashier always scans your card each time you make a purchase.

Now you're ready to start earning Extra Care Bucks (ECB). These are earned from purchasing products with such a promotion. Example, Buy 2 lipsticks, get $2.00 ECB.  The ECB will print at the end of your receipt - clip them and keep them as carefully as you would cash.

Some things to keep in mind regarding ECB:
•The required amount to receive the ECB is always calculated before coupons.
•You do not have to buy all the products for that particular promotion in the same transaction or at the same store. A tally is printed on each receipt showing what you have towards each deal. They keep track of EVERYTHING!
•ECB can be used to purchase nearly anything in the store. (excluding prescriptions, alcohol, Gift Cards, lottery, money orders, postage stamps, pre-paid cards and tobacco products, as printed on the eb.) They also cannot be used to pay the tax on a transaction.
•You cannot get change back when you spend your ECBs. However, they can be entered as less than their face value, for example if your total (before tax) comes to $1.97 and you have an ECB for $1.99 that you would like to use, and you don't mind losing 2 cents of its value, the cashier will adjust the value to the balance due before tax.
•ECBs expire 4 weeks from the date they are printed.

Using Coupons
•CVS accepts manufacturer's coupons, including internet printable coupons. CVS also issues their own store coupons. You can get these through CVS emails and printed out at the end of your receipt (these are referred to as CRT's - cash register tape). Log into your CVS account to make sure you are subscribed to their emails.

•Both ECB and CRT coupons are linked to your CVS card, which means you cannot use them without the same CVS card that earned them.

•CVS coupon policy allows for the use of one manufacturer and one CVS coupon on each item. ECB are not counted as coupons in this respect, you may use as many of these as you like.

Thanks IheartCVS for much of this info


CVS is offering another way to earn extra care bucks! It's called the green bag tag and it retails for 99 cents. It includes a leaf shaped scannable card that attatches to your favorite reusable bag. Each time you visit CVS and bring your reusable bag, they will scan your Green Bag Tag. The 4th time they scan your tag, you will earn a $1 Extra Care Buck that will print on your receipt. Just remember to scan it each time because chances are the cashier is not going to remind you!
Here is the technical stuff:
To earn Extra bucks for a transaction in store, your Extra care card, green bag tag, and reusable bag must be presented w/ purchase at checkout. Limit of one green tag use/scan per day per household. Every 4th purchase your ECB will print at the bottom of your cash register receipt as a $1 coupon good for your next purchase. Extra bucks can be used until the expiration date shown on the coupon.


Ruth in the Desert said...

Wow, I will have to look for this kiosk at CVS. Is it usually near the registers? I shop there once in awhile but I so rarely get any extra bucks. I subscribed to your blog so perhaps I can find some products on sale that I actually use! :)

Coupon Katarina said...

Yes, these are usually located close to the main entrance. Scan your tag and you will get one or two in-store coupons to use, usually good for just a week or so. Sometimes you get something really good, sometimes not. The kiosk can also be used as a price checker. Just scan your item and it will tell you the price...which is helpful because CVS and other drugstores are notorious for not advertising sale prices. Hope this info helps and thank you for reading!

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