Sunday, December 13, 2009


I was kicking myself for not making it over to Staples last week to get this I was sooo happy to see they are offering it AGAIN this week...YAY!! (It's the little things, you know?)
Here's the info I posted on it last week:

Staples is currenly offering 2 20/packs of Duracell AA or AAA Batteries for $12.99 each. But then, you get $12.99 each back in Staples Rewards. This is not a rebate, but a rewards check that you can only spend at Staples.

So, here's what you do: Purchase 2 20/packs of batteries for a total of $25.98
Then, get $25.98 back in Staples Rewards
Final cost is FREE!
(you can also just purchase one of these, but the limit is 2 so that would be the best deal)
You must be enrolled in the Staples Rewards program. Enroll here.

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